Mitau Prefab

Manufacturer of reinforced concrete structures whose products are used in residential and commercial construction projects in Scandinavia and Europe. Mitau Prefab structures are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards

In our offer

Vienslāņu un divslāņu sienu elementi

Trīsslāņu sienas elementi ar fasādes apdari

Cokola un parapetu elementi

Masīvās plātnes

Kolonnas, sijas

Kāpņu laidi un laukumi

Individuālu un unikālu dzelzsbetona elementu ražošana


Design and installation services in collaboration with our group company DEPROM LV

Why Choose Us?


Experienced and professional team that is open to challenges


We have all the necessary resources to ensure your project is realized


No detail goes unnoticed


Individual approach and attitude. It is important to us that every client is satisfied with the work done by Mitau Prefab

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