“ There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. ”
- Victor Hugo -


To offer products that reduce construction and return on investment time and that reduce the impact of weather conditions on the construction process as a whole. To offer products that reduce human resources and waste in the facility, as well as guarantee consistently high and stable quality. To produce and supply reinforced concrete structures for Europe’s most beautiful and remarkable construction projects.


We Offer

MITAU PREFAB’s distinct difference is the possibility to produce, in addition to grey structures, highly complex structures with architectural value that meet not only the quality and budget of the project, but also the client’s idea.

Within the group companies, we offer our customers a full construction cycle – starting with design and production, and ending with delivery and assembly services in Europe and beyond.

Our Values

To understand the client’s most important requirements, which also form the basis of our value scale:


We believe that quality is not only compliance with a certain standard, but also a living and dynamic process that requires constant improvement.

We follow our quality system and processes with a great sense of responsibility, and we are able to guarantee our customers a consistently high level of quality for our products.


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