Mitau Prefab is a major supplier of quality precast concrete products for the construction industries. We manufacture high-quality structural precast concrete products such as wall panels, columns, beams, balconies, slabs, stairs, landings and special products, all of which are designed to meet industry needs. Whether standard or customized, our concrete components help fast-track building projects. Our global logistics network ensures delivery anywhere in the world – from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to your construction site.


Solid precast concrete wall panel

Consists of layer of solid concrete and requires some type of insulation and an interior finishing wall.

Double-layer precast concrete wall panel

Consists of two layers of concrete separated by a layer of insulation.

Three-layer precast concrete wall panel

Consists of a layer of internal load-bearing precast concrete, a layer of rigid insulation material, and a layer of external finishing precast concrete. The material used for thermal insulation may be mineral wool, PIR, PUR or EPS.


Used as composite system for floors and ceilings, these filigree slabs with grid reinforcement act feature precast and cast-in-place components. A lightweight truss connects the precast and cast-in-place concrete slabs, making it easy to install and integrate electricity, water, sanitation, ventilation and heating systems.


Lightweight and durable, prestressed concrete hollow core slabs are flexible load-bearing elements that reduce material costs and contribute to faster construction time. These are typically used as components for the construction of floor and roof decks in multi-story residential and commercial buildings.


Lightweight, load-bearing and easy to mount, Mitau precast concrete balcony slabs with steel bar reinforcement are available in standard and custom designs. To meet specific building requirements, details – such as assembly, railing strengthening and drainage – can be cast into the slabs during the precast works.


Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, precast concrete columns and beams are part of our total precast frame solution but can also be used independently. Precast concrete consoles and supports are available to securely connect columns and beams, whether standard or prestressed, to other building elements.


Mitau Prefab provides both standard and bespoke precast concrete staircases and stair landings as well as precast concrete spiral staircases and separate precast concrete steps. These are suitable for residential and commercial projects.


Precast concrete retaining wall panels with steel bar reinforcement are ideal for fast-track construction of storage facilities, earth- and water-restraining systems, and barrier wall systems. Quick and easy to install, precast concrete retaining walls are used to strengthen unstable earth slopes and/or water loads, such as reservoirs.


Prefabricated foundation blocks for residential construction, warehouses, agricultural and buildings and factory buildings. Using these blocks designed and produced by Mitau with steel bar reinforcement ensures top quality and speedy project completion.

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